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Why not purchase electric toys at Megawatt as here you will find only top-notch products online. You are sure to make that special someone in your life smile as they discover a gift from our web store. Customers receive a one-year warranty. All the products are from first class Chinese producers. The head office of Megawatt is based in Greece and is an up and coming young company which aims for the very top. We deliver our products around Greece but it’s not a problem for us to ship toys around the world. Our customer support representatives will be happy to take the order and assist you online. 


The main reasons to purchase electric toys online:


  • affordable prices
  • quality materials
  • good selection of toys for boys and girls
  • quick and easy ordering process
  • excellent customer service


The motto of the company is that the cream always rises to the top. This tells you a lot about the mindset of the company. Our online store has an aim to please every customer who uses them. Our goal is to deliver first class toy models for children of all ages. If you are looking for a variety of products, fair prices and quality toys, you have come to the right place. With a great selection of the best electric cars for kids, a birthday party for your child will become an unforgettable occasion. 


Benefits of Electric Toys for Kids


Kids electric toys are so much fun and which little brother or little sister would not like to play with one. There are a list of fantastic benefits which include:


  • easy to use instructions
  • a variety of colours
  • great entertainment for any age and reliable
  • safe materials


With the offered robots, trucks, cars and helicopters, your child will be very happy. They love to play with any type of toy as they move around and make interesting sounds. Our collection will certainly keep children entertained and curious. 


Types of Electric Toys for Kids


You can expect to purchase different types of toys Megawatt store for your child. One of the most popular toys that never seem to fail with little buyers are the kids electric cars. They can have such fun playing with a remote control moving their car around the house or even outside in the garden or park. The opportunities are endless with the different coloured cars and various sizes that are available. 


What about the popular DouDou remote mini robot. Children can detach these robots and really have some fun. They come in various colours and you can take off several components. However, the most impressive feature is that they spin. Kids can enjoy watching them spin and dance. They come with a detachable cord which charges the robot for all its movement. 


Key Features of Electric Toys for Kids


At electric toys Megawatt online store, customers will have a chance to order unique and the best electric cars for kids. When you order toys here, they will surprise you with various features such as lights, 360 degree flips and of course omnidirectional drive. With the most popular toys such as cars, your child can enjoy rubber tires which improve traction. It is possible to play with these on sand, rock and off road. There is an easy to use remote control, with a joystick which uses 2.4GHz for convenient control of the toy.


If you buy electric toys in Greece, you will certainly not be disappointed with the selection provided. These toy cars have LED lights for playing throughout the night if you desire. All the trucks, helicopters, robots and cars have a long lasting battery life. It makes sure you will be entertained for months. Another positive about these cars is the fact that they are so durable, they will last forever no matter what knocks they take. With the remote control kids can use them as far away as over 20 metres.