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The use of this website indicates the full agreement with the terms of use. Please read these terms carefully before using the site. Megawatt Single Member Private Company, 123 Tsimiski st., Thessaloniki, Greece. GEMI 147526404000, VAT number 801036647 (hereinafter referred to as the Company) reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time.


The brand, trademark, trademark, images, graphics, distinguishing features, texts and anything else contained on the www.megawatt.shop website are trademarks and copyrights of Megawatt SMPC . Trademarks, names, or other intellectual property rights of third parties, which are also displayed on the Website are protected by applicable law. The user is not prohibited from copying, reproducing, disseminating, distributing, transmitting or using them in any way other than as expressly set forth on this site.

In particular, on software, music tracks, etc., and as they become available for download and labeled as such, the user is granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use in the agreed area or, if no agreement has been made, to an extent corresponding to the purpose pursued by the Company with such disposal and concession. There are no other use and exploitation rights. In particular, the user is not allowed to reproduce, own, transmit, exploit or allow public access to software, music, etc.

Protection of Personal Information

The Company has the right to maintain a record and to process any personal data of visitors to this site to the extent necessary for its proper operation and development. The visitor reserves his / her rights such as the right to information, access, objection etc. in accordance with applicable laws and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Links to other websites

The links  at www.megawatt.shop may transfer the user outside its network to sites not controlled by the Company. In this case, the Company is not responsible for the content, accuracy, functionality, transmissions, and any subsequent changes to these web sites. It assumes no responsibility for the content of any third party offers. The websites to which it refers directly through external links are selected by the Company with due diligence before posting the link. However, the Company has no influence whatsoever on subsequent changes to the directly linked websites as well as the content of subsequent third party websites. As a result, the Company expressly distances itself from subsequent changes to directly linked websites,

User Responsibility

Each user of the site agrees to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and is obliged not to use this or any data, information or other information that is exposed or produced or constitutes or contains, confidential or not, concealed or obvious character, whether encrypted or not, in any way - indicative by posting, editing, (per) transmitting, copying, transferring, reproducing data, data, messages, viruses, software, hardware, file, etc. - for performing acts, which cause or will as to cause insult, injury or damage to property or other goods or rights of the Company, or any third party or would constitute a violation of applicable law, regardless of fault.

Any user who is given the opportunity to express himself or herself in this web site is solely and personally solely responsible for, and warrants to those expressing it, their personal perceptions, that they do not offend the Company and any third party, either as a person or as to his rights and protected goods. In particular, no user is allowed: to infringe on intellectual or industrial property, to insult or offend anyone's personality, reputation, name, beliefs, principles and opinion, to disclose non-proprietary data and information, to defame misleading, or otherwise unlawful, or in any event, violating his conduct or his statements in any way whatsoever under applicable law.

Company Liability

The Company is not responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information reported on the site or the  or any express subjective opinions and ratings. The Company has the right to delete or not to publish opinions or assessments which it deems in its sole discretion and at its discretion as contrary to its law, terms and purposes.
The Company is not liable for claims for damages or pecuniary satisfaction that relate to material damage and / or damage caused by the use or non-use of the said information and data and / or the use of inaccurate and incomplete information and data, and is generally excluded the obligation to cover any liability. The Company expressly reserves the right to modify, supplement or delete portions of the individual pages or in the whole, or to temporarily or permanently discontinue without notice.

Terms and conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal

You have the right of withdrawal within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of the product by you or the person you designate to be considered on time and need no further justification from you.

In order to have the  withdrawal it is sufficient to complete the relevant form "Withdrawal Form" . The withdrawal application can be sent directly or electronically by registered letter to our Company or you can submit it on your own in our Company Headquarters. In addition, you are obliged to return the goods without undue delay and in any event within 14 calendar days of the day on which you have notified us of your decision to withdraw from the contract. Please be advised that if you exercise your right of withdrawal you will be charged with the cost of returning the goods. In the case of return of goods which by their nature cannot normally be returned by post, the costs specified by the carrier you choose may be high.

If you withdraw from this contract, we will refund all the money we received from you, including shipping costs (excluding any additional costs due to your choice to use a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method we offer). In the event of a valid exercise of the right of withdrawal, the condition for the return of the entire price is that the product should be in its original condition, that the protective straps have not been removed and that all accessories, gifts, accessories and materials have been included. It should be noted that the consumer should manage every product he receives in the same way that he would manage and examine it in a physical store to see the nature, its features and function. Management of a product other than the one described above will not be accepted. In any case where the product is not deemed to have been returned in accordance with the foregoing, the amount to be withheld by the company shall be 55% of the price paid by the customer. This percentage may well exceed 55% of the price if the product has completely lost its value due to misuse by the consumer.

In any case where the price is not refundable, you will be informed before the credit and refund process is completed. Following the withdrawal statement and if you send back the products, the company will refund the money received (or part thereof if the products are not in their original condition or their value has decreased) without undue delay and in any case within 14 days of day when we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We are entitled to delay refunds until we receive the goods back or until you provide proof that you have sent the goods back, whichever occurs first.

Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal:

The Right of Withdrawal does not apply to cases excluded from the applicable law and jurisprudence, such as products made for you with your own specifications, services already performed, products not eligible for a refund on health grounds, programs and software that has been unblocked etc. In case of registration of the product (eg smartphone) in any system or in case the product carries at the start of the welcome advertising message it is not possible this withdrawal. Also, in cases where the contract is not remotely concluded, but after your visit to our physical store you are not entitled to withdraw.

Secure Transactions

The security of your personal data and transactions with our customers is a high priority for us. As a result, we protect your data stored in us through technical and organizational measures to effectively prevent loss or misuse by third parties. To protect your personal data, the data is transmitted in encrypted form. We are using, for example, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to protect communication through your web browser. This is recognizable by the padlock displayed by your browser in case of an SSL connection. SSL technology relies on a key to encrypt data before it is sent over the (SSL) connection.

Shipping Policy

As a rule, shipments are made by courier. You can pick up your products in one of the following ways:

At your place by courier company

The products you ordered will be shipped to your courier address.

Received from Thessaloniki store

Tsimiski 123, Thessaloniki
+302310227776 | sales@megawatt.shop
During store opening hours


  1. All prices at www.megawatt.shop are in euro and include VAT.
  2. Upon completion of the ordering process, the customer can choose the payment method shown, ie  by credit card, by bank deposit, through PayPal, on-site at the Store.
  3. Transactions in excess of € 500.00 may not be made in cash
  4. The data that the customer enters when making an online payment is neither controlled nor processed or stored by Megawatt MIKE, but by the payment provider and / or payment server. 
    MasterCard, Visa, credit cards are accepted. Credit card payments are processed by EveryPay.

    "Recognizing the importance of electronic payment security, EveryPay is a licensed Payment Institution by the Bank of Greece (Decision No. 280/3 / 23-7-2018 GG B 3010 / 25-7-2018), and manages securely card payment transactions, in accordance with the regulatory framework of the card transaction security management standard. Everypay is certified in accordance with the PCI DSS compliance standards. All Everypay services are made through secure connections with 256bit SSL certificates. EveryPay also supports the ability to use the 3D Secure service, an additional security token for VISA & MasterCard. The Payer then has to enter his personal secret code to complete the transaction successfully”.

     The modern method of Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used to encrypt data.
  5. If a bank transfer payment is selected the time of completion and presentation of the wire transfer may vary depending on the Bank (usually 2-3 business days). If the deposit is not made within 3 business days, the order will be canceled automatically. Excludes orders placed on promotional products, so the deposit must be made within one (1) day. Any charges for making bank transfers are for banking institutions and not Megawatt SMPC.
  6. In the event that a refund is required, this will be done by Megawatt SMPC in the same way that the customer made the payment, unless otherwise agreed with the customer, without undue or unjustified delay.

    This Warranty covers the defects resulting from defective parts, materials or manufacturing, if such defects are revealed during the period of 12 months since the date of purchase. 2. The Warranty does not cover  parts of limited regular functionality due to their natural wear and tear. Parts that are damaged by you, an accident or an act of God are not covered by the manufacturer. As an example, you're riding  along and a rock hits the windshield causing it to crack. This is an insurance claim and not a warranty claim.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at info@megawatt.shop.